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Four Resources Guideposts

Monitoring and Assessment | Four Resources Guideposts
First Steps Reading Developmental Continuum | Analysis of Reading Strategies |
Read and Retell | Codes of Visual Text | SWOT Analysis | Self and Peer Assessment

The guideposts are a useful assessment tool based on how individual guides integrate the Four Roles/Resources of the Reader.

The guidepost indicators may be used to monitor student learning. However, use the guideposts flexibly. While the guideposts do cover each of the Four Roles/Resources of the Reader, teachers may choose to focus on one or two roles or fewer indicators for each role. Teachers may also find that there are other learning outcomes which they would like to focus on and which reflect the particular needs of their students.

Cooperative Reading Guideposts

Critical Analysis Using Clever Cloze Guideposts

Frontloading Guideposts

Guided Reading Guideposts

Interlinks: Annotated Learning Guideposts

Nail That Character Guideposts

Phonemic Awareness Guideposts

PowerPointing Narrative Guideposts

Read Alouds – Collaborative Cloze Guideposts

Read Alouds – Poems for Multiple Voices Guideposts

Read Alouds – Readers Theatre Guideposts

Reading As A Writer Guideposts

Reading For Drama Role Play Guideposts

Three Level Guide Guideposts

Three Stages Of Reading Guideposts

Visual Text Analysis Guideposts

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