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How to get them there

Engagement motivates students to read and enables new learning to take place by:

Empowering teachers with effective strategies

Engaging students in purposeful social practices

Empowering teachers with effective strategies

The conditions for successful teaching and learning are complex and involve many interwoven issues. This resource includes a range of Guides which provide insights and demonstrate ways in which teachers can develop some of the skills and understandings needed for middle years students to be successful readers. It draws together some of these issues within the structure of the Guides, or they are embedded in the Guides through the sections on the front page or navigation bar, eg Underperforming Readers: Who are they?, Explicit Teaching, and Scaffolding Learning.

The Guides will be most effective in engaging underperforming students when teachers are familiar with the various sections within the resource and use texts that work for their own particular student community.

Engaging students in purposeful social practices

Each of the Guides uses a specific text so that teachers can familiarise themselves with the strategy and contextualise the strategy given their knowledge of their own particular student community.

Although ‘purposeful social practices’ is often taken to involve multiple and varied texts for community projects involving ‘real’ audiences, this resource has used specific texts to demonstrate strategies. Texts were chosen that engage students, reflect aspects of their own world, and explore a wider range of current global issues. At the same time these texts have inter-related outcomes across several curriculum areas.

Engaging your students in texts which are meaningful within themselves but which also provide a vehicle for developing skills and understandings about reading will ensure that their learning is both transferable and sustainable.


Cooperative Reading As Simple As ABC

Critical Analysis Using Clever Cloze


Guided Reading

Interlinks: Annotated Learning

Nail That Character

Phonemic Awareness

PowerPointing Narrative

Read Alouds – Collaborative Cloze

Read Alouds – Poems For Multiple Voices

Read Alouds – Readers Theatre

Reading As A Writer

Reading For Drama Role Play

Three Level Guide

Three Stages Of Reading

Visual Text Analysis

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