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Monitoring and Assessment

Classroom Organisation

Engagement: Empowering Teachers with Successful Strategies

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Engagement: Engaging Students in Purposeful Social Practices







The Four Roles/Resources of the Reader

Based on the Four Roles/Resources of the Reader developed by Freebody and Luke (1990), the (name of Guide) involves students in the following repertoire of purposeful social practices:


Code breaker

Decoding the codes and conventions of written, spoken and visual texts, eg:

Text user

Understanding the purposes of different written, spoken and visual texts for different cultural and social functions, eg:

Text participant

Comprehending written, spoken and visual texts, eg:

Text analyst

Understanding how texts position readers, viewers and listeners, eg:


Four Resources Guideposts


There is a guidepost for each Guide.


Four Resources Guideposts provide a useful assessment tool.

Implementing the strategy


In this section the information and headings are specific to each Guide.



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